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"Make it Through" responds to greed with love, forging mutual-beneficial relationships, delivered in a R&B/Spoken Word style.


Make it Through
Music by Scott Sumner, Lyrics by Rosemarie Ashley

Full Chorus

Do what you do, like you do.
I do it too - as if we had a clue
how to make it through the do.
Make it through the do do do.

You roped me in with that sunshine smile,
saying I'd win. "It'll be worthwhile",
giving up less than the homeless eat.
Now it's such a mess
pimping notes on the street.

'cuz my man conspired into your charade,
you knew I aspired to lead the whole parade.
With intention pure and my focus fixed
I swallowed down the lure
and ate up all your tricks.

Partial Chorus

Do what you do, like you do. I do it too.
Do what you do, like you do. I do it too.

Pushing every car in the name of hope
I was never going far in this kaleidoscope.
Dreams evaporate like Sahara dew.
How can I escape this peek-a-boo?

I've wasted many years in this living hell.
More than I could fear.
More than you would tell.
But now they're backed up deep
in the stank of fraud,
those who took the leap
are starting to get clawed.

(Partial Chorus)

It’s been too long since my hair's been down.
My heart was strong. My mind was sound.
My skin was dark. My smile was real.
Now I swim with sharks
and have to sing for meals.


I know I'll find a way
to make it through this madness.
Find my own way to make it through.
Make it through.

But I'm still hanging tight
in this death note game
looking for the light, focusing my aim.
So as we travel through
this tunnel that we're in,
I think it's time you knew . . .
both of us can win.

(Full Chorus)