Secret Weapon

The Secret Weapon to wealth & power is music, intentionally designed to develop an empowered awareness and take targeted right-action to consciously create success & fame, peace & prosperity, happiness & love, goodness & light. 

Just about every religion and enlightenment training program encourages participants to memorize and recite words to support and encourage healthy thinking. That is because thoughts, words, feelings and actions have energy to create, directed by our intentions. Songs are word-energy infused with the power of music to communicate and share with humanity. Songs are a powerful means to program the mind because the message circumvents our rational mind (the one that judges, analyzes and evaluates), goes directly to the subconscious and accepts the suggestion.

Listen to  Michele Blood, Singer/Songwriter, Writer and Motivational Speaker explain the science behind the ancient practice of using songs to consciously program the listener's mind HERE.

'tude vox music by Gen-Ray Records can be considered "Positive Music" in that it is intentionally created to support and encourage personal empowerment, compassion, cooperation and spiritual oneness. 'tude vox breaks from the standard description of Positive Music because we address uncomfortable emotions as well as the pleasant ones - as they are felt .  Then we refocus to a productive perspective. Everyone gets sucked into the daily grind of our livelihood, family and community demands once in a while. It's human. Even Jesus of Nazareth got angry, tore up the temple and lost his temper.  Getting caught up in or ignoring uncomfortable emotions causes disease. Feeling and working through emotions with the focus on Oneness creates happy, fulfilled, loving people. 'tude vox makes music for virtually any emotion and life experience.

Whether you are beginning the journey to enlightenment, have been traveling decades or just love listening to a variety of original, radio-quality music, treat yourself to the Secret Weapon to Wealth & Power.  CD album "From Primal to Divine" and extended play downloads are available on our HOME page.  Buy single downloads or listen FREE on the FREE STREAMING page.



How it works

Make the world a better place

Everything you think, feel, say and do sends energy to the world.  When you feel happiness and love, that's what you send out.  When you feel hate and violence, that is your contribution to consciousness of man kind.  It's your choice.  Every moment counts.  Everything makes a difference.   Religions say to ask and your good will be given . . . as you believe.  In other words, you have to make an effort before God, the Universe, Ala, Buddha or whomever you worship kicks in.   

If you like the music, encourage your friends and associates to listen too. Send the web page to people of like minds. Spread the word. We're all in this together. Do your part to make the world a better place. Cast your vote for consciousness evolution or for maintaining status quo in every decision you make - even by the entertainment you choose. 

Make your world a better place

You can improve your life by re-programming your mind. The brain is a computer that acts upon external stimuli based on the thoughts and beliefs, AS IF IT WERE FACT. You can get what ever you want (eventually) by your belief. It isn't my idea. I heard it from records of the words from a guy named Jesus - of Nazareth (among other, more contemporary sources).

Just get started.


From Primal to Divine Evolution Strategy
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"From Primal to Divine Evolution Strategy" is an e-book including color pictures, song descriptions, inspirational background, licensing information and lyrics for the complete album experience. After you purchase the CD "From Primal to Divine", you will receive an email with a link to the e-book.

Enjoy the music and spread the word.

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