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CD Album:  From Primal to Divine
  • CD Album:  From Primal to Divine
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The songs in “From Primal to Divine” express struggles and joys encountered on a journey of personal growth and awareness, toward enlightenment. They are a source of comfort and springboard for productive action by presenting real life situations and the honest emotions felt by every day people.  Instead of hiding these feelings, actively experiencing and resolving them leads to a life of continuous growth.

"From Primal to Divine" is a collection of 17 life changing songs in a variety of styles for the true music lover.

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Empowering Music


'tude Vox Ro is an outspoken artist making music designed to help everyone succeed. She combines compelling music with thought provoking lyrics in an eclectic mix of life-changing songs. Ro’s edgy brand of empowering songs motivates and inspires listeners to activate potential within the soul.  She creates songs about the human experience, uplifting listeners by including messages of universal truth.  Ro celebrates who we are today and where we are going by helping listeners program themselves for joy, abundance and passionate living.


The sassy alternative is about creating a catalogue of music that doesn't fit neatly into any one particular format or follow politically correct scripts.  These songs range from classical piano ballads to hip hop/rap, adult contemporary to progressive rock.  Topics include sexuality, economic crisis, social activism, mental enslavement,  world peace, personal transformation and visionary ideals. 

Sassy Alternative Music addresses real emotions with lyrics that relate to hard times, as well as peaceful bliss. "There is a time for every purpose under Heaven", even those uncomfortable moments. But instead of enforcing these difficulties, the Sassy Alternative offers food for personal growth spiritual transformation.


Gen-Ray Records produces a new genre of music, designed to empower and uplift listeners with messages of universal truth embeded in a wide variety of contemporary music genres.  Our mission is to affect the intentional selection of entertainment as a tool for personal growth and global transformation.

From the beginning of time, humans have made music to express themselves and share emotions. Mass distribution of entertainment has been governed by those with the greatest economic resources, using it as a tool to shape thought, affect discussions, influence feelings and incite action.  As we hop-scotch through the early 21st Century, this generation begs the courtship of science and religion, marriage of mind, body and soul and divorce from the victim consciousness holding humanity in slavery throughout history.


At the bottom of every page is the site-wide music player with play list . Navigate the controls to select songs.  Get FREE full-length streaming of all songs, read the lyrics and buy individual downloads op the Free Streaming page.


Music is a powerful tool to change your world.  Impact of the message is multiplied exponentially when you add visual stimulation and written world.  See, hear and feel the power by watching  our music videos on the MusicVideos page.

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CD Review

A little something for everyone' best describes the "From Primal To Divine" CD. An eclectic mix of styles that run the gamut from the ethereal grooving "Heaven on Earth" the edgy rock/grunge rap of "Until the Bliss" to the techno pop of "Make it Through". Rosemarie's vocals range from soothing to soaring rock, reminiscent of Evanescence with the depth of Anne Wilson of the band "Heart". Sweet vocal harmonies are supported alternately by lush and powerful guitar, thick layered tracks and a cool range of beats. This project is full of surprises, moving the listener through every emotion. Spiritually based, empowering social/political lyrics compel the listener to take responsibility for their own participation in creating a better world for all. Sassy spirituality with attitude!

Written by Karie Hillery "One World Records"
Courtesy of Positive Music Association

How Music Transforms Lives

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Out of Darkness

Out of Darkness

'tude Vox Ro

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In every human life, there are times of joy as well as times of grief, celebration as well as solemn contemplation. Loss of health, relationships, loved ones and economic status can lead us to introspection and spiritual growth. "Out of Darkness" guides the listener through periods of grief, surrender, recovery into celebration in a variety of Adult Contemporary styles.

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  1. 1 Prisoner of Conscience 04:05 Info
  2. 2 Our Good-byes 05:32 Info
  3. 3 Surrender 04:40 Info
  4. 4 Greatest Gift 05:13 Info
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  5. 5 Heaven On Earth 05:36 Info
  6. 6 Love Overdrive 05:27 Info
  7. 7 Feel the Love 05:08 Info

Better Daze


Better Daze

'tude Vox Ro

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These days, it's nearly impossible to escape the threats of economic collapse, health issues, relationship strains and the fear it generates. "Better Daze" is filled with songs that acknowledge the apparent reality and help us move through challenge toward relief and empowered right action delivered in a variety of Rock styles.

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  1. 1 Make It Through 03:26 Info
  2. 2 Sleepless Night 05:15 Info
  3. 3 Morning Light 04:35 Info
  4. 4 Bridge to Ever After 05:22 Info
  5. 5 Pay Day Blues 04:33 Info
  6. 6 Until My Dreams Come True 05:16 Info


'tude Vox Ro

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Some people are sassy, challenging, irreverent and politically incorrect. 'tude Vox Ro is all of that and then some. For the listener who doesn't fit into and prefabricated roles and would prefer standing out in a crowd to melting into conformity, "Outspoken" is an eclectic mix of flirtatious hip hop, defiantly dark electronica and thought provoking pop that you won't find complying to any commercial format.

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  1. 1 Melted! 03:46 Info
  2. 2 No One Said This Would Be Fun 03:24 Info
  3. 3 Choose Now 04:16 Info
  4. 4 The Answer (Is Love) 03:56 Info
  5. 5 Do Me 03:54 Info

Featured Video 11/10/16

The US 2016 Presidential Election descended into a scripted reality TV series. A complicit centrally owned and operated media blurred the illusion of choice, air-brushing the halo effect over established, famous and influential Washington insider Hillary Clinton and demonized an outspoken powerful billionaire and television star Donald Trump.  Supporters on both sides enraged and attacked people on the other side.  Families and friendships ripped apart due to polar perception variances in factions of the population over the only two perceived choices labeled “good” and “evil”.

Then on November 8, 2016 with the whole world watching in judgment, wild card Trump lost the popular vote and won the election.  The media managed a cognitive dissonance meltdown on live television  ... Read More

11/12/15 Independent Underground

Guest 'tude Vox will be our special guest to discuss why the current Capitalistic Greed Model of the U.S. will lead to its downfall unless positive and dynamic change of course takes place.

Featured Video 2/4/13

Conscious Life News featured video and short article on how it feels to have a "Sleepless Night".  Some people learn to disregard uncomfortable emotions, packing them neatly away to emerge in indirect and seemingly unrelated demonstrations. Others dramatically embrace these emotions, getting locked into a pattern loop that feeds on a defined perspective.

Neither disregarding nor dwelling in uncomfortable emotions provides for permanent healing. Acceptance, processing and releasing opens the door for emotional recovery and personal growth. In every moment of anguish ... Read More.
Humanity is at a time of transformation, where following old rules for success no longer guarantee results and complacency is often no longer an option.  On one hand, we see unrealized expectations, economic crisis, health challenges, earth changes and political turmoil threatening individual and global survival. On the other, we see an awakening to the influences encouraging and perpetuating drone-like compliance to a system of deception, individuals taking personal responsibility for how their thoughts shape experience and enthusiastic support of what the general population can do to create a world of abundance for all.  A song about transformation

Featured Video 11/6/12

It is our faith that creates miracles according to the words reportedly spoken by Jesus of Nazareth. The Law of Attraction concurs. Thoughts have power to affect lives and the future of our planet, only when aligned feelings, words and actions – and that’s not always easy.

If humanity ever needed a miracle, it is now – at the summit of fear and polarization. With corporate owned media and political parties, disinformation and misinformation, conspiracy theories and hijacked alien channels, no amount of research is guaranteed to render “truth”. That can only be found  Read More

Featured Video 8/18/12

Conscious Life News featured 'tude Vox Ro's music video "Surrender" and short article: "If humanity ever needed a miracle, it is now – at the summit of fear and polarization. With corporate owned media and political parties, disinformation and misinformation, conspiracy theories and hijacked alien channels, no amount of research is guaranteed to render “truth”. That can only be found...." READ MORE and WATCH VIDEO.
Conscious Life News featured 'tude Vox Ro's video "Until My Dreams Come True" with a short article:  "In chaos, with events spiraling uncontrollably, responses guide the direction toward a dark abyss of fear or a toward a ..."  READ MORE and WATCH VIDEO

Featured Artist of May, 2013

Featured Video 12/19/12

Entertainment is a powerful tool to set moods, affecting feelings and therefore, the energy we attract.  While mainstream news entertainment uses this to perpetuate fear, today's hottest up and coming radio show host Brad Richard is being who he is, doing what he CAN to lift the spirits in his weekly one-half hour radio show BradLIVE & Wired - filled with good news; comedy and music.

The month of may, BradLIVE & Wired featured upbeat music 'tude Vox Ro.  Check it out and share in the fun:

May 1, 2013
May 8, 2013
May 15, 2013
May 22, 2013

Artist Interview 9/27/12

Conscious Life News featured 'tude Vox Ro's music video "Greatest Gift" and short article: "(T)here are a growing number of people promoting equilibrium of male and female influence. They encourage feminine qualities of nurturing, healing, creativity, compassion and expression in men, women and throughout social systems. This gives everyone ...." READ MORE and WATCH VIDEO.
Everything we say, think feel and do matters, not only to the individual, but the world. "It Matters" radio is dedicated to discussing what matters in the world and why. They invited 'tude Vox Ro in for a short interview to tell the world about why listening choices matter to how we feel, think, what we say and do.  Listen to the show on demand at "It Matters".

8/6/12 Video Featured

Music video “We the People” is featured on, committed to delivering timely, relevant and leading edge news within the alternative spectrum of information that is critical to each and every individual on planet earth, with the goal of assisting each individual with all the tools they need to live fully, consciously and responsibly.

Please visit Conscious Live News, watch and like the video and read news you won’t hear on television.

Artist Interview 7/6/12

Spiritually Raw, an internet TV program for real conversations about taboo topics, invited 'tude Vox Ro to be the featured guest on their show to discuss how sex and spiritually are not mutually exclusive.  Watch the episode on Spiritually Raw at

Artist Interview 6/17/12

Ro was honored to be interviewed by, one of the first sites she joined to upload music.  In the interview, Admin Darth Raver asked Ro talked about the decision to follow her passion, the ‘tude Vox brand of empowering entertainment, the sometimes controversial messages behind the songs and international collaborations.
Interview with pictures and listen to great independent music here:

Artist Interview 6/14/12

Ro had a great discussion with Ralph Watley! They talked about the power of music, inspiration for some of her songs and the reasons behind increased interest in independent music.  Listen to the archived edition here:

Guest Co-Host 3/6/12

Darian Counts invited 'tude Vox Ro back on his DetroitLive Radio show at UDetroit Cafe in Harmonie Park, Detroit to continue discussing empowering music.  Producer John LeBang scheduled it for March 6, 2012.  When the co-host unexpectedly couldn't make it that day, 'tude Vox Ro stepped in as guest co-host, discussing a wide variety of current events from her unique perspective.  Watch the video here:  UDetroit Live.

Artist Interview 9/15/11

Thanks to host Darian Counts and producer John Le Bang from DETROIT LIVE on the University of Detroit radio station UDetroit for inviting 'tude Vox Ro to be a guest on this show,  bringing the best of Detroit & Michigan together at!  Watch the interview "Mindset and Music" HERE.

New York Trip 9/20/11

With your help, I won the “Daytime with Donna” favorite musician contest. Thank you!   The prize was a trip for two to New York and a meeting with a celebrity management team. I had a great time in New York to meet Donna Introcaso, Nina Frye of “Daytime with Donna” and Pam Wertheimer, manager to popular artist Sheryl Crow. See pictures and add your comments HERE.

Artist interview 8/16/11

Giving voice to every day people, Smooth Drama Radio show discusses issues facing our world on BlogTalkRadio.  Radio characters Dick Hugger and Ms 100% candidly discuss events from around the globe from the perspective of real people, minus political spin.  Listen to their interview with 'tude Vox Ro HERE

Artist Interview 6/25/11

'tude Vox Ro was interviewed by Alyice Edrich of  "The Dabbling Mum Speaks" about how she got into the music business, the challenges of the journey and future asparations. 

"When did you realize you wanted to be a professional musician?

Becoming a professional singer was my dream as a child."  Read full article ...

Daytime with Donna 9/9/11

This fabulous show engages today's woman and where she is in her life. Her weekly shows are dedicated to women of all ages to empower, motivate, and encourage them in a fun-filled format  very similar to OPRAH's.  'tude Vox Ro was honored to win the first musician contest of the show and greatful to accept a trip to New York to meet with music manager Pam Wertheimer, respected for her work with signer/song writer Sheryl Crow .  Listen to show "The Contest Winners LIVE! 09-09-2011".

The Age of Transformation

Froom an interview with the Positive Imperative:  "Rosemarie Ashley, also known as ‘tude Vox Ro, has a life that touches both the arts as well as a long career of empowering consumers of “Corporate America” in employee development, organization design and marketing, primarily in the financial services industry. When her work in mortgage origination wasn’t fun any more, she directed her attention to personal empowerment through entertainment. She joined the ranks of Ekhart Tolle and Dr. Joe Vitale on a path to creating a collective consciousness evolution."

PI. So people connected with the music industry usually have a fascinating story as to how their connection or attraction for music. What’s your story?

RA (Rosemarie) “I practically came out of the womb singing” My grandma taught me “Happy Talk”: Happy talky singing happy talk. Talk about the things you like to do. You’ve got to have a dream. If you don’t have a dream then how ya gonna have a dream come true? (she interrupts her answer with song as if she had no choice) from the musical South Pacific, before I could talk and I’ve been singing ever since.

Read more.

Celebrity Dialogue Interview

Celebrity Dialogue is honoring 'tude Vox Ro by featuring an interview with her on the front page of the magazine!

In the interview, Ro answers questions about everything from her upbringing and business experience to her life’s passion of singing songs with uplifting messages and powerful music. You can read about her journey to become one of the many leaders empowering every day people to actively create a better world in this time of humanity’s consciousness evolution.

She also demonstrates her outspoken nature and business savvy by answering the question on the tongue of every entrepreneur today, “How can a company keep its costs low while still attaining customer satisfaction and business excellence?” Go now to Celebrity Dialogue to hear her answer.

Ro’s transformational music is a tool to process and resolve limiting thoughts. She has become an inspiration and example by transforming her own difficulties into opportunities with the passion in her heart, heeding guidance from within and relentless perseverance through seemingly endless challenges and trials of conviction. Dreams really can come true.

Ask Lordiel

KNOW THAT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE & THAT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE......... Messages ,healings and blessings are unpretentious, unrehearsed and straight from the heart, soul and Spirit. Her programs are about helping each other ... and finding solutions to that which we seek!!! Programs that are for the people and by the people to share, teach and reach out to each other in living life. As in life, we are all in it together and if each of us just REACH out and TOUCH someone,we can and will make a difference!!!  Join the Global Healing Event with 'tude Vox Ro here.

Music as a Tool for Transformation

"Rosemarie is going to talk with you and take you even deeper into the affects that music has on everyone. Rosemarie Ashley founded Gen-Ray Records to affect the intentional selection of entertainment as a tool for personal growth and global transformation. Entertainment contributes to what we think, feel, say and do. Thoughts, words, feelings and actions have energy to create, directed by our intention.  Today, we are going to explore this and show you how it can, will and does affect you."  Listen to the archive on "Ask Lordiel". 

Passionate Voice

Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio, Inc. - Home to airing programs that are challenging, controversial, educational, entertaining, and stretching a person's mind, body, and attitudes.  Listen to interview of 'tude vox Ro by founder of Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio, Lillian Cauldwell here.

Be the Change

Anthony Reeves, Esq. brings listeners the most informative news and resources from some of today's brightest and best professionals!  I was honored to be included.
The archived show is available for FREE streaming here.

The Awakening

Indie on Air! is a show that not only discusses the business of music but also helps promote indie acts. Classic uses his own personal awakening as his vehicle to do this show and follow his heart.  Check out the archive here.

'tude Vox Ro in the Spotlight

Three independent musicians named Jeff, Carl and Gary created an internet radio station and website called Indielink, linking the Independent Artist Community, to facilitate talented artists rise to ranks of marketability. They were so successful, they had to rebuild a new website, open October 29, 2010 @

I was honored when they invited me to be featured in their Artist Spotlight. Please listen FREE to the 45 nimute Artist Spotlight for 'tude vox Ro below, and if you are so moved, thank WebRadioCanada for their contribution to Independent Musician community and music lovers everywhere.

Walking the Talk

"Hundreds of thousands of working women have been put in an impossible situation: They want to continue working, yet they can’t find jobs in their field or jobs that pay well enough or jobs that they aren’t overqualified for, etc....Some women, however, are deciding to make the most of this difficult time in their lives by going back to school, learning a new trade, or pursuing their true passions. Rosemarie Ashley is one of these women." by By Tina Vasquez in May 28, 2010's edition of the GlassHammer.

Artist Spotlight

Radio Broadcasting Debut

Ken Smith from KDTN Radio One invited 'tude vox Ro to do a short radio show introducing Sassy Alternative Music.  Listen to the story behind Ro's entry into the music world, beginning with a life-long passion for singing meaningful music @ KDTN Blog Talk Radio.

Recognized for Website Design

Sharifah Hardie has over 15 years of online experience, is Google's #1 Ranked "Professional Business Consultant".  She is an expert on websites and was impressed with mine.  Listen to Sharifah's hour-long interview with 'tude vox Ro HERE.
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  • Smithe487

    Smithe487 Very nice! cgfagbkfee

    Very nice! cgfagbkfee

    Very nice! cgfagbkfee

  • DanielStoica

    DanielStoica Westmont, Illinois

    I love "Prisoner of Conscience" :love:

    I love "Prisoner of Conscience"


  • Brad Richard

    Brad Richard USA

    I enjoyed our conversation and look forward to having you on my talk radio show! Thanks, Brad Richard

    I enjoyed our conversation and look forward to having you on my talk radio show! Thanks, Brad Richard

  • Jim Sutton

    Jim Sutton Warwick, NY

    Just stopped by to say hi.

    Just stopped by to say hi.

  • Pschitrose

    Pschitrose Paris, France

    Thanks for the song. I like it, your voice is awsome. Great message and spirit ! Love is all :)

    Thanks for the song. I like it, your voice is awsome.
    Great message and spirit !
    Love is all smile

  • DanielStoica

    DanielStoica Westmont, Illinois

    I am captivated! Respectfully Daniel Stoica Professionally Equipped - Personally Dedicated ™

    I am captivated!


    Daniel Stoica
    Professionally Equipped - Personally Dedicated ™

  • Peter Mark

    Peter Mark Southfield

    Hey Ro! It was nice to see you Vita at the Museum. I like the songs! Hey, didn't I see that production of JC Super Star on VHS? Loved "The Bernmiester" as the "senturian/beat cop" who arrests JC! Peace!:laugh:

    Hey Ro! It was nice to see you Vita at the Museum. I like the songs! Hey, didn't I see that production of JC Super Star on VHS? Loved "The Bernmiester" as the "senturian/beat cop" who arrests JC! Peace!laugh

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    love donna

  • Missing Jade

    Missing Jade Queensland Australia

    Love the music and the site keep up the great tunes. Missing Jade

    Love the music and the site keep up the great tunes.
    Missing Jade

  • Markarma

    Markarma UK.

    Just popping in to say hello, and to congratulate you on an interesting website, great music, and a worthwhile venture. And to wish you good luck... from another musician, music lover, friend and companion on the same spiritual journey, the pathways may be different, but the ultimate destination is the same. Peace. Mark. Where you can hear Tude Vox Ro on Roots And Branches.

    Just popping in to say hello, and to
    congratulate you on an interesting
    website, great music, and a worthwhile
    venture. And to wish you good luck...
    from another musician, music lover,
    friend and companion on the same
    spiritual journey, the pathways may be
    different, but the ultimate destination is
    the same.

    Where you can hear Tude Vox Ro on
    Roots And Branches.

Listener Comments

 It's thrilling to see you and other musicians who are dedicated to promoting positivity and dispelling ignorance.

April 11, 2012

Heaven On Earth
, Written by Rosemarie Ashley, Arranged by Scott Sumner

Comment by sony67 on 23 December 2007
Hiya Rosemary, My thinking is very much in tune with yours! Not especially religious - but more of a spiritual nature - the lyrics are excellent, the production and singing very fine! First time I have listened to your tracks. Enjoyable listen. Keep up the good work. Rated. Sonya Stewart.

Comment by Destri on 23 December 2007
Great track both musically and vocally, very pro sounding recording, this could easily be sitting on a commercial CD..loving the guitar sound...enjoyed!

Comment by geiger167 on 23 December 2007
Had to stop by and drop a quick message on song, the guitars are so lush I literally wallowed in them lol, in fact the whole instrumentation on the track is gorgeous. Very, very cool vocal as well, deep full of body, really very well sung. Would be amiss not to mention the positive message of the track as well, which even someone non-religious like myself can appreciate. Very cool track in every way, rated :)

Sort of a Clear chicago style soft Jazz. Vocals up front, clear, concise, clean sounding. Nice even tone, Great harmony. Very melodious. Super background. Nice easy guitar, not off beat at all. Compliments vocals. Lyrics are good, Love the bongo back ground. Overall tone sets that relaxing mood that is welcomed. I find it almost ingenous when a band can put together such a beautiful arrangement like this.
- ROBTRODELLA from Salem, Massachusetts on 14Jan2007

A hot and winding voice. A rhythm of simple base, summer, spacious, cool. Good the arrangement that puts in first plain the voice. Excellent the contribution of the funky guitar very rhythmic and happy. Good the interlacement guitar and congas. I like the carpet of keyboards too, almost a flying carpet, that well unites the voice to the rhythmics. Good.
- COLORDRUM from Roma on 27Dec2006

This track is full up of great textures provided by electric guitar and keyboard pads - set against and contrasted to grooving beat - with an excellent female vocalist leading the journey. The vocals have an airy-floating quality to both their sound and performance. That airiness along with the lyrical content gives this track a spiritual quality. I was hooked by the conga-shaker groove of this song from the top. And then hit by a wonderful female vocal sound - husky, soft, expressive - There is some fine production going on here and the track is mixed to perfection in a smooth-new-age-jazz type of way. All of the FX (Chorus, flange, delays, verbs) are tastefully placed to accentuate the song.
Great stuff!
- deank from Des Moines, Washington on 4Dec2006

Until the Bliss Music by Scott Sumner, Lyrics by Rosemarie Ashely

Comment by final strike on Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Hey this is really catchy, had my feet tapping for sure. Its got a funky/jazzy - attitude sound to it which I like. The guitar and synth back up the vocals well, and its all produced impressively. Nice job!

Comment by Johnny Chirnside on Friday, November 24, 2006
A total breath of fresh air! Nice to hear something unique and full of promise! WOW Such raw talent and hopefully the shape and direction of music to come. Great harmonies. Prolific writting. Gets a huge rating from me.

Comment by Bob Brannon on Friday, November 03, 2006
Hi Ro, Very cool track !!! It's gotta lot of great elements !!! Rocks hard with a twist !!! Your narrative/rap type vocs are very it spice !!! The chorus vocs are devine !!! Cool chops all across the board !!! You gotta real good band !!!(production is ace !!!) This is ready for the world !!! Unleash this pup !!

Comment by MD-1 Project on Friday, November 03, 2006
reminds me of pink a little good hook nice synths and a good solid beat plenty of samples well arranged thumbs up ro

Comment by ANDYF on Friday, October 27, 2006
I too like this Ro! It is rap but in a different way. Love the harmonies .The guitar playing is spot on. Gets a rating from me...take care Andy :)

Comment by MarkAlexander on Sunday, October 22, 2006
Very interesting listen Ro!....The guitars sound great, and the rap style vocal is very cool too. I really love the vocal and harmonies on the chorus tho, they sound very good! Very good production too. Gets my rate!

Comment by BFB on Sunday, October 22, 2006
Great track. Great instrumentation. solid rap feel. Rated for sure. Thanks for letting me listen!! Rated

Comment by Carol Kirkpatrick on Sunday, October 22, 2006
Hi Ro! I really enjoyed your tune! Good to hear more women in the rather rap style with an edge of rock too! Great vocals girl and music performance/production. Added you to my recommend artist area! Welcome! Rated. Carol Sue :)

She could easily be a great supporting character in a movie. I think this is an awesome movie sound track piece. It would be great in an indi flick. I like the keyboard line in the background.
-Ruffhaus from Swarthmore, Pennsylvania on 3Dec2006

Pay Day Blues
Music by Scott Sumner, Lyrics by Rosemarie Ashely

love the intro on this one, reminds me of moloko!! nice brass!! loads going on, all very funky (cheers for the comments on my page - much appreciated)
Tim Ellis - 12 September 2008

This is em... a cracker, great production, clear as a bell, fab rythm, instrumentation, well blended and all weaves together very nicely, fab guitar solo!! Vocals, lyrics etc are also excellent.. I cant fault this fine track, so for me it's a winner.and should be..all buttons pushed.
Mark Ellis - 14 March 2008

Very well done.. Solid through and through!! Great lyrics, great sound...
highyl rated.
(pleasure to hear after our time in "fight club" )
phil - 25 January 2008

such a sexy track
Tacx - 20 December 2007

Superb vocals Ro! Smartly crafted song and masterful production! Very sweet brass! Fantastic song! Easy R8!
Richard Ramsey - iODiNE - 20 November 2007

An excellent arrangement Ro. Your voice is superb. Well done to you all all the peole involved in the production. Your bio is very interesting and I agree with a lot of it. You go for it girl and have a well deserved rate.
indiana 99 - 20 November 2007

Great vocals Ro and lots going on in this song - very nice production and just love that guitar. Very original track this one.
Mykyndryd - 25 September 2007

You go girl! :) Fabulous tune Ro and your voice is sounding hot! Pay day blues...I'm sure we can

Way to go, Ro! Nice to hear someone havin' so much fun with a social statement. Excellent lyric, I really like how you set this one up, and some fantastic performances complimenting your sultry vocal. Well done, highly recommended!
David Joel Carter - 20 July 2007

Stand out vocals, love the synth bass and the horns are a treat, this really does sound like it's a commercial release...well it should be, outstanding track, loved it :)
PbCsk Productions - 12 July 2007

Great track, great lyrics, like the old school horns mixed in with the modern sound, very nice vocal as well. Lyrics are universal as well lol :) Rated
geiger167 - 12 July 2007

Do Me, Music by Scott Sumner, Lyrics by Rosemarie Ashley & Shane Pruitt

Comment by Richard Ramsey - iODiNE on 31 March 2009
Do me indeed! Grind it up Ro! Enjoyed this!

Comment by Truj on 22 December 2007
Cracking song. You can certainly hear in it that making it was a tonne of fun. Male vox are all good too. MAgic! Rated.

Comment by deantaylor on 28 August 2007

Comment by t5trance on 18 June 2007

Comment by Johnny Chirnside on Friday, January 05, 2007
You are so comfortable singing Rosemarie by that i mean you are really enjoying what you do and it shows. The (Shane Capone) is outstanding. You work well together. Again the production, lyrics and talent are excellent. Enjoyed every last drop. Rated. Johnny

Comment by DuellingWinos on Friday, October 06, 2006
jesus christ! thank god my mother wasn't listening! nice racy lyrics, this has hit potential, i can just see someone like Pink doing this - although she prob wouldn't be able to do it this good. the lyrics are fab the Too uptight to be gay line had me howling! brilliant stuff

Comment by paredafoe on Saturday, September 23, 2006
Fun track, with a very catchy feel. Like your voice a lot, and enjoyed the track :o) ONAGER

Comment by andrewflagg on Thursday, September 21, 2006
hahaha brilliant! this is a bit pussycat dolls. Thats a complement i love them. Great lyrics, they're the raciest i've found on this site. Love the rap, thats a really current trend in popular music. I love the squeaky 'ohs' in the background. The squelchy beats are reminiscent of justin timberlake 'sexy back'. There's also a bit of that climbing tic-a-tica sound that's used in a missy elliot song and 'control myself' by j-lo and ll cool j. So its a very current sounding song and a catchy one too. This is very different to your other track. Anyway, impressive work, andrew

Comment by crockmister on Wednesday, September 20, 2006
This is really cool Ro. I love it. Hell I'll do you! So sassy and tounge and cheek.
sick beat sound like fergie or some thing but at lest you sound hot it produce real good arranged good like the switch from girl to guy
- BADANDYBEATS from Portage, Indiana on 16Feb2007

Nice dance beat; fantastic production upfront; great background vocals;
definite Timbalin influence- Really slick production here. Nice work.
- smallsonicbomb from Naugatuck, Connecticut on 7Feb2007

The whole song is exciting cause of the beat. The shit sounds like b52s to start out. The shit is definitely Euro.
- ziplokdotcom from Hudson, New Hampshire on 24Jan2007

A ninety groove which makes it very organic and yet a little exotic. I very much enjoy the flourishes of the stringed instruments and the solid beat.
- jonplye from Los Angeles, California on 26Dec2006

The obvious power to this piece is definitely the voices and the catchy lyrics. I love the distinction between the male and female parts and they are placed nicely. Seriously, this song makes me smile from ear to ear. "come on baby do me"??? ha! Cool piece, very catchy.
- darrickriggs from Salt Lake City, Utah on 18Dec2006

dirty ditty funky hop,an elegant xxx street beat tune on an old school riddim track.
- StereomariO from Canada on 18Dec2006

Great Vocalists. Nice hip hop flavor with great vocalists. I love the talent you have combined. Both singers have soothing voices.
- Keister from Austin, Texas on 13Dec2006

Hot stuff. I think its really good, I almost could imagine Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears singing it... Quality production and mixing... Everything simply is in order and ready to be released... good job.
- acamolist from San Francisco, California on 13Dec2006

The opening bars remind me of the Black Eyed Peas. The mixture of male and female voices working really well together. This has been well produced and there is enough going on in the arrangement to make the track interesting. The chorus is catchy as well. Overall for this style of music who ever has put this together has done a great job!
- joannerees4 from Essex, United Kingdom on 16Nov2006

starts cool. Sudden !!! some cool sounds and vocals. dance? this is like dance rap or hip hop. cant make a big difference! ohh some naughty lyrics!! did she say too afraid to be gay? haha . Cool track.
- ClaudiuG from Canada on 6Nov2006

Pretty Catchy Tune. Sounds like the pussy cat dolls or any other girl band like this. Beat is very original. I like the violins a lot. Overall very nice.
- o3music from San Diego, California on 3Nov2006

The first thing this song reminds me of is a song from a play or animated dark comedy movie. I think it is very refreshing. Its so different. I think this song is kind of cool. Keep doin what u do!!!!!!!!!!!!
- JAMC from Akron, Ohio on 14Oct2006

The prduction is good. The vocals are clear and sit nicely on the mix, the other elements in the track don't clash and occupy their own sonic space. The rapping is great, I like the vocals.
- jonparadise from London, United Kingdom on 14Oct2006

hip pop/hop style song. it sounds typically for the p-diddy style productions like this. its good. both the male and female vocals are performed well and sound good. the synth stuff is pretty cool. the beat is strong which is cool. mix and production are very good. nice.
- gitm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 30Sep2006

cool hip hop song. excellent rap and great female vocals. brilliant lyrics. full of attitude and funk! love it love it!!
- crapnation from Milky Way, Alabama on 28Sep2006

sexy deep groovy ...sis i say sexy?? loving the vibe with this first of all the mixing is spot on and the production over all is great but the most important thing is the song itself! laffing at the lyrics lol over all realy well done and i would be buggered if you guys didnt get a record deal from this
- macutchi from United Kingdom on 24Sep2006

Sleepless Night Written by Rich Ramsey & Rosemarie Ashley

Fab.. really great track.. all been said below really.. it all works very well indeed.. and another one for the radio show. big thumbs up from me.
Mark Ellis - 12 January 2009

Fantastic tune my friend. Bleek, brooding, progressive rock at it's best!
Bad Love Junkie
ericethann - 12 January 2009

This kicks ass. Love the clean dark intro and the typically iOD!NE solo after. Vocals are very cool, almost robotic get melodic in places - real progressive track. Love the solo - swept arp section is wicked;-)
Superhuman - 11 January 2009

Very dark... me likey! As always loving the distinctive Rich sound, sweet sweeps & fast scaling. I love those quick 3rd progressions you toss in in spots. Ro was born for this genre. Nice touch with the reverb & delay on the sax. Now I can sleep... ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz... snore, snort... paws jerking.
Kelly Mitchell - 09 January 2009

That's big. Certainley transported me somewhere new. Excellent combination of styles and difficult to fault any part. Effortless production as in it is very smooth and didnt distract my ear from the flow.
This Circle Squared - 09 January 2009

very cool. I agree the vox are just perfect, the delivery is bang on, love the harmonies. Guitar work is amazing, wow. The whole mix, lyrics and everything else is just excellent and the sax at the end is a perfect addition. Wow again. Verrrrry coool!
Sugarbee - 08 January 2009

It's hard to say anything new about Richards guitar's fantastic...the vocals are utterly captivating and PERFECT for this song....just amazing really....the percussion was inspired and very unconventional I felt...and the sax was just a magic way to finish. How could I give this less than a nom? It would be ridiculous. ALL buttons pushed...and 'll be back for more listens definitely.
dawnsinclair - 08 January 2009

Pretty bloomin amazing if you ask me!! An impressive construction of metal/alt music, lyrically and musically. Very original and beautiful. The easiest of of rates I have ever given.
indiana 99 - 07 January 2009

very good and dark, gives me a chill. interesting chord changes. the vocal is very expressive while not overdoing it. sounds a bit like the female singer of jefferson airplane. good work. and the sax is beautiful, too.
Tom Joas - 06 January 2009

cool! reminded me of a Alice Cooper-Sabbath type of vibe... but totally original.... wicked guitars throughout and wow Ro, this was different for you, eh.... bet you had fun letting loosed on that, huh.... great stuff all around!!
Mark Holley - 26 December 2008

Huge sound, like them vocals way up front like this, very powerful mix. Like this arrangement, got a bit of Metallica/Pink Floyd feel to it, closing out with that sax was a bit of genius. Excellent performances, both of ya, and high marks for production.
David Joel Carter - 23 December 2008

I agree with the nu-goth feel comments. This is very good, large operatic forces are at work here, methinks.
NaughtyStep - 20 December 2008

Rock opera lives! Real powerful stuff, great full sound from that confident vocal, and some serious guitar stuff happening. Nice one.
Deon - 19 December 2008

, Music by Scott Sumner & Randy Lynch, Lyrics by Rosemarie Ashley

Comment by James Oakwood on 20 November 2007
Came back for another listen hun. Terribly good song girl!!!

Comment by crockmister on 28 August 2007
Full production and clean vox. You do have a wonderful voice. I love the background voices too. You are the one and only. Peace.

Comment by deantaylor on 27 August 2007
Excellent work. Love the diversity of song styles on your page. Great production, vox and really love the bvs. Subject matter is cool, it is my cup of tea. Kind of has a little bit of a psychedelic era feel to it. I love it as it is. Ro, you are one of the most unique and talented artists that I have run across on the internet independent music scene. Rate and nom.

Comment by Deon on 26 August 2007
great production, like the sentiment, moves along nicely.

Comment by acoustimick on 26 August 2007
cool track rosemarie..some great sounds goin on here...beautiful prod....nice and clear and well balanced. Im not big on the religeous thing, but its a worthy song . rated

Comment by ANDYF on 26 August 2007
Powerful beginning here Rosmarie. A lovely track with a pofessional touch to it.This is just sublime....... ANDY:)

Into the Dream Written by Rich Ramsey & Rosemarie Ashley

Again, totally awesome! I'm thrilled everytime I listen. -rl
LODATO - 06 November 2009

How have I missed this???? Damn skippy one of the best tracks on MP3US. Ro has perfect pitch & Rich is a frikken incredible player! Love the vox layers!!! Mr. Sumners did a A1 job mixing too! You must teach me how to make these works of art! RN&DL!
Kelly Mitchell - 29 October 2009

much more like it sounds like the instruments are all around me the synths a nice touch and the guitar tone is just sublime im actualy compelled to get some leads going now
skaven - 14 September 2009

Wow, you guys were made for each other! This is brilliant, I love pretty much every second of it! Wish I could rate it twice!!
HoneyThick - 11 September 2009

Impressive! Guitars and vocals really shine, but that drum track's no slouch either - wow! I get the same Heart vibe Annette mentioned; I'm also reminded of Yes somewhat, but all in all it's a unique stew and a fine collaboration. Enjoyed, rated!
David Joel Carter - 06 September 2009

Stunning stunning vocals !! I think I have said this before but this reminds me so much of Heart!! wonderful guitar drums.....R
Storm Horses - 05 September 2009

A Killer collab and sound,mixing and production.
Joseph - 04 September 2009

Crackin tune love the surreal harmonys they take me to another world.Heck of a lot going on in this tune,the bassline at the energetic start is nicely done.Guitars as always class.This would fit in a Tarantino film for sure.R.
GravitySlip - 03 September 2009

Bridge to Ever After Written by James Oakwood, Rich Ramsey & Rosemarie Ashley

Stunning work!!!! In every detail this track oozes detailed talent!!! This is epic and very easily gets my rate!! This is a truely awesome collaboration. Well done to each of you. You should all be very proud!!
indiana 99 - 08 September 2009

Really great track here. Rock on a larger than life scale! Just fantastic.
EZ Rate
Bad Love Junkie
ericethann - 08 September 2009

Powerfull stuff,very dramatic and quite unpredictable first time round.Nice brass sound,adds a nice touch.That chorus would definitely fit in a Bond movie.ABP
Kiss the Abyss - 09 September 2009

Frickin fantastic sound guys! Real dramatic feel to this piece, fantastic track. Loved everything about this one, vocals are spot on and the music is really well composed. Plenty of drama and nice direction. Rated and nominated.
Superhuman - 06 September 2009

Its like a climb to the edge of the atmosphere looking at the unknown mass of ligth that heads toward us and crying it welcome....and the music builds this feeling...I enjoyed twice then when i found the lyrics it shined.
DELICIOSA DESDICHA - 03 September 2008

Power on Power! Epic is the right word and I dig the Bond connection just right. Love the Brass on this.
Like it!

Andy :)
ANDYF - 27 August 2008

This song should be in the next next James Bond. Awesom Guitars and instrumentation. I love the prechorus/chorus. Beautiful voice as well for this, powerful and nice BV's too. Yes..this should be the next James Bond track. I love how it sounds like a mix of 70's and modern blended together.

Nice work on this song and all the best with it.


Matt Stevens
keystevens - 24 August 2008

Can't help but think of some of the great soundtracks Shirley Bassey did for the Bond flicks, this is huge! Lush arrangement and professional performances and production, very impressive guys (and girl!) Rated.
David Joel Carter - 22 August 2008

Fiat Greed
Written by Rich Ramsey & Rosemarie Ashley

I love how you're rockers, but slip in a tad of electronica. You really have the Yes sound down to a tee. Drums and guit are dead on Yes... but still very Rich. Vox are similar but unique and wonderful as well. Sounds like a group that should be making mega bucks! Very nice!
Kelly Mitchell - 24 August 2009

Excellent arrangements and clean vox that glue this track together nicely. Love it. Reminds me of modern day Renaissance. -rl

LODATO - 16 August 2009

Stunning collab,all sounds are very clear in the mix.Rosemarie, the vocals are amazing on this...and as for that guitar solo its jaw dropping!.Powerful song and class lyrics.Congrats.
GravitySlip - 16 August 2009

This is a cool and creepy foray into uncharted genre territory. Its so many different things. The mix sounds good and full. Nice spread across all the frequencies. Well done. Solo is AMAZING. Love it. Which I could play guitar like that. Well done. Rated.
WakeOfDestruction - 06 August 2009

I like the stoic kind of emotion from the vocals. It gives the song an emotion like a rock. The demonic vocals sound very good, too. Then we go into a crazy guitar SOLOOOOOOO. Yeahhhhhhh! That was awesome. Very well done. The song is really building now! Very serious and powerful. It started out as being a strong sounding song but now it's more than that. It's turning out to be a masterpiece.

Now a lingering calmer solo. This is a very well orchestrated song. Then an end. Wow! That was amazing! I can't believe it! THis has got to be the best song you've/you guys made :| Awesome collaboration. The emotion was just so solid sounding. Look at me ranting at this. lol

Scott did a really good job on the mastering. Everything sounds superb. It's very crisp, clear and vibrant with plenty of depth. Something hard to achieve! Wow, this was a pleasure to listen to. You all did a fantastic job. Nothing is out of place and there's plenty of everything to enjoy in this piece of musical ART.
Andy Stokes - 05 August 2009

This is so YES....FANTASTIC!! superb vocals, driving passionate drums and guitar and great keys. Powerful stuff.Rated for sure...really pro sound!!!
Storm Horses - 05 August 2009

I've noticed this of Ros before. She definitely has a Jon Anderson sound to her voice. This type of music is enjoying a revival at the moment, so they tell me, but I've always liked it.
TonyMillerLive - 04 August 2009

Absolutely stunning. Vocals are just terrific. Music is terrific. Wow. It actually reminds me of YES. Not sure why but it is just that good. Do I like it??? ahhhhh...yep...........................;oD!

Beluga - 04 August 2009

Incite Social Evolution
Written by Rich Ramsey & Rosemarie Ashley

Comment by indiana 99 on 30 August 2009
Powerful opening!! Love the title and subject of the track! Lyrics are fabulous and bang on the subject. Ro's vocals are superb combined with the ultra talented Richard Iodine's musical prowess!!! Absolutely brilliant song writting, collaboration and production. I love it and it has such a powerful message! It has a Linkin Park feel to me, Love Linkin Park btw.......Rated Guys!!!! Barry

Comment by MarkAlexander on 30 August 2009
Hi Rose&Rich.....Rocking track this. Full of attitude. And that guitar work is truly what id define as 'Bitchin'! Tight production, great performances. But for me the Chorus's are just fantastic. They really make the song, just as a Chorus should do. Actually one of the finest choruses ive heard for quite a while. Not just unsigned but anywhere i mean.

Comment by riddle on 30 August 2009
This is best described as One of the best if not the top Collab I have ever heard here at Mp3unsigned, everything is so tight, The Guitar is kicking this track way up there,The vocals put it in overdrive and really takes the prize, I love it all around and can't say enough about it. Vin

Comment by LODATO on 29 August 2009
Love it, love it! Great vox and love the collaboration. -rl

Comment by DaveRave on 29 August 2009
Stunning track. Some of your best vox ever. Great collab.

I love the guitar on this track....also, the vox are masterful! Reminiscent of Rush and I'm sure you've already heard that a million times before....Excellent, enjoyable track!
Chickie - 19 May 2009

Track is actually quite amazing, the vocals are strong from start to finish, great hook on the chorus, great guitar and drums, very crunchy. I'll mention the lead vocal again cos it's really good, yeah I got that little Rush thing going on as well, sounds fantastic. Really unexpected in a good way :)
geiger167 - 01 May 2009


I'm on my 4th listen now, but the first tidbit raised my goosebumps immediately. Love the drum roll (64th notes?). I have to say that I rarely enjoy vox at all and even more rarely listen to lyrics. I first hear the vox as an instrument and rate it as such, ROSiE iS iNCREDiBLE! OMG!!!! What musical genious-esses! The fourth run made my eyes well with tears at it's overall brilliance. Oh Yeah, Love the rap! I can see Rose doing the hand gestures.. LOL! "Not Later!" Great Job You Two!
Kelly Mitchell - 30 April 2009

Extremely well sung, with the harmonies being spot on also! They are also very well recorded - sound mint and the timing is hot! Very good job! ;)
This is hot track! Makes me wanna mosh at 2.50mins lol! I look forward to hearing a mastered mix if this for sure!
Ess X
Essence - 28 April 2009

Over the top of excellence! Brilliant song/collab! Ro, your voice is amazing, love it! You go, girl! Rich - you are just most excellent! Would love to attend the show and see you all perform this live! Start to finish, awesome! ~Nominated!~ ;)
Carol Kirkpatrick - 27 April 2009

I'm in a similar situation here in the UK, doing the nine to five grind, but each day, the threat of redundancy hovers over all our heads. If that happens, I'm basically stuffed!

Massive job losses went through two months ago, and we're already down to a skeleton staff, as the workforce has been slashed in half, and now struggling to do the job of two people on half the pay - whilst, of course the bosses have awarded themselves huge, fat pay bonuses, and they never have to feel the worry and dread that comes with that feeling of 'living on borrowed time' - as their positions are secure, regardless of the 'economic situation'.

So - to cut it short, excellent piece of work, and one that I'm convinced a great many of us here can personally relate to.
Ffabbia - 27 April 2009

Wow this reminds me so much of Heart....really superb sound really excellent. Rated
Storm Horses - 25 April 2009

Huge wall of sound rollin' outta my speakers, very impressed with the production on this number. Like the choice of instruments, the violin contrasts nicely with the rugged rock guitar and drum tracks. The big, bold vocals sitting way up front remind me a bit of the Wilson sisters from Heart (nice job, Ro, and some great lyrics.) The accompaniment kept bringing the glory days of Yes and Asia to mind and leaves me one happy listener. Powerful song, very well done and highly recommended.
David Joel Carter - 24 April 2009

Yes We Can!
Music by Scott Sumner, Lyrics by Rosemarie Ashley

Oh ...this is as sweet as a nut in every way! Go for it and good luck. Rated
DSSMusic - 04 March 2009

Deffo hear the Jon Anderson similarities Ro! Production is sweet as pie! Email coming!
Richard Ramsey - iODiNE - 03 March 2009

Nicely done - I hope in this time of changing perspectives you can stand up and put more about your experiences into words - (The world needs to hear) - Good luck Ro! - jon
Tje - 01 March 2009

Is that Carol King singing? Or Jon Anderson from Yes? Whoever it is she is a damn fine singer! Good song. I reserve judgement on all politicians until they prove themselves, but damn fine track!
TonyMillerLive - 01 March 2009

I like the guitar strum and the way you start the song. I like the lyrics so far, too. I like Obama and I think with a lot of other peoples help (as well as you employment) we can make the US come back as a better nation. Enough about politics, though. I like the detail of the heartbeat in the song. Nice touch.

I like it when you have the children (other vocals) in the background. That adds some good stuff to the song. I think this is a fantastic idea to get the position you want. It may just work! It's a great song so far. The lyrics are thought out excellently! It's funny, but not in an exploitable way. Just in the creativity aspects. Real cool.

The overall structure of the song is put together very well. I think you did a heck of a job putting those words together and matching them up with the right parts of the song. It's a very positive song that just might catch Mr. Obama's attention! Awesome idea, Rosemary. Simply brilliant! You have a great day and goooood luuuuuck! I hope the best for you! :D
Andy Stokes - 28 February 2009

Cool song! Reminds me a lot of the arrangements and energy of Heart. Excellent resume, if it were up to me the job would be yours! Enjoyed it, some fine performances and production here. Rated!
David Joel Carter - 28 February 2009

Nice rock/pop song here Rosemary.
Its very catchy indeed and well done in the guitar fx department,also you have a sweet snare squeezed in for good measure.Nice work.
GravitySlip - 28 February 2009

Hi Rosemary
A strong song from you and I hope it has the desired effect.He has new ideas and this is certainly a different aproach to which he may respond. I wish you all the luck in the world.Very well sung and all in all a super track....easy rate

Take Care

Andy :)
ANDYF - 28 February 2009

The Answer, Music by Scott Sumner, Lyrics by Rosemarie Ashley

Comment by Johnny Chirnside on Friday, January 05, 2007
Great track Rosemarie! I like your vocals on this track so full of clarity and smack in tune. Your production is second to none. This song deserves to be up there with the best. Lyrics are superb and engrossing. Can't say enough about it except well done. Rated and listened to all the way through!!

Comment by MD-1 Project on Friday, November 03, 2006
very different the vocals and backing vocals are really well arranged i get an 80's vibe with the percusion a little ultravox ? very nice work thumbs up

Comment by Carol Kirkpatrick on Friday, October 27, 2006
Hi Ro! I like your songwriting and performance style. Your vocals and lyrics are real, clear and impressive vocal tones. All the good stuff, you know! lol... Another goodie! Rated!

Review by ConKuss on Saturday, September 30, 2006
Ro makes music in the chosen genres of Indie, Jazz and Dance (and possibly more). This track is a slightly indie sounding affair, for sure, it's downbeat, but with an uplifting message. Is it a message that the world is actually hearing and taking notice of at the moment? Unless enough people push the message forwards that this song holds, I'm of the opinion that love will never really stand a chance out there. The lyrics here are of a rather good quality, sensitively written, dealing with the more negative aspects of modern life, with a constant underlying message - Offering Love as the answer to our problems, be they famine, war, politics, religious fanaticism or violence. I'm seriously not doing this review to muse on what's happening out there in the real, dusty, blood-spattered world, but this song keeps drawing me back. Musically, the whole track works for the subject matter, creating a Lo-Fi, slow burning, laid back, yet menacing atmosphere that drips into your mind almost forcibly. Love it, loving the contradictions of the negative situations and the half-positive message to come from them all. Your performance is both mature in sound and young in feeling (aided by the angsty lyrics, I guess) - a good style indeed. The music is class too - nice and dark, yet mainstream sounding enough to appeal to a much wider audience. Production is just spot on for me, nice deep bass registers and good higher end clarity - nice one. Rated this one.

like the electronic stuff here. very textured and deep sound. vocalist is good, like the lyrics. reminds me of bjork. Good backups and weaving melodies. Nice beat. Overall very good job.
-loganlaw from Austin, Texas on 27Nov2006

intro is cool. The vocals are unique and the backups fill out the song nicely. Lyrics have nice rhymes.
-Barnsey110 from Syracuse, New York on 20Nov2006

Trippy intro, kinda like it, especially the vocal ambience. The vocals overall are downright beautiful and fit the overall mood excellently. This is such a grooving, dark song.
-CodeZ from Newport News, Virginia on 19Nov2006

Very interesting track. I think you have a good sound. The chorus is very dreamy and reminds me of a Bjork move. I think you guys/gal have talent. The drums are definitely my fav part of this song and they have a definite industrial sound. The female vocals are nice. I like the lyrics. I have no idea what you are talking about but I think it has a mystery factor.
-Skywire from Raleigh, North Carolina on 16Nov2006

This pretty song starts off with a electronic beat then the vocalist comes in clearly singing about all the world’s problems. The answer . . . LOVE. The song then turns into a multi-vocal performance that sounds soothing and holds interest on many levels. The swirling harmonies and complex vocal lines are so beautiful they almost make the world’s problems seem solvable. The song is well mixed and well performed. The music keeps a steady beat and the multilayered harmonies weave in and out towards the end giving a nice finish to this pleasant piece. The lyrics are current, thoughtful, and stimulating while wrapped up in such a nice performance. This singer melodically sings the truth that Love is all we need. Very fluid and steady A pleasant mix and composition A very nice job And enjoyable piece
-corduroysedan from Lexington, Kentucky on 3Nov2006

Comment by drainage on 24 September 2006
I like it from the start. Great rhythm track. Your voice is great! Production super. Lovin it allround. More of this please!

intro is fantastic. Whoever does your production knows his stuff. The vocals comining in is interesting, I love when the second one joins. Very bjorkish. Great mello electronica influenced rock.
-cmonkey887 from Oneonta, New York on 1Nov2006

Comment by tumc on 24 September 2006
I get a real eighties feeling bout this one, some dido influences in the voice also, clean production, nice! Gets my rate

Comment by Alan Corbould on 24 September 2006
Like the layered musing and the simple but driving drum beat.

Comment by paredafoe on 23 September 2006
Love the moody music on this, and you have an excellent voice. Like the “simplistic” nature of the tune, with the vocals, and layered vocals adding the variation and feeling Quality track.

Sounds in the beginning like a Peter Gabriel style song. A very cool voice on this song. She has a scratchy sophisticated voice.
- mojavekinetic from San Francisco, California on 8Mar2007

Words can't explain how great the intro to this song is. The vocals are good. You definately have a unique style. Great vocal harmonies in the chorus. I like the flow. Great job
- fusion1 from Long Beach, California on 8Mar2007

This is a bit of a crossover type of song. Crossing over from Alternative to Electronica with a bit of soft pop rock thrown in. The sound is pretty original. The message of the song is a positive one. The vocalist is really good and has a great voice. The band is tight and the production of this work is good.
- poealamode from Phoenix, Arizona on 29Jan2007

I really like the lyrics...I am always for the peace songs, like System of The Down, now there is a political band! I like this song. I guess I just can relate to the peace songs. The vocalist is really good, smooth..The groove is different. I like different...the answer is love..I like it..
- manxkittykat65 from Saint Petersburg, Florida on 11Jan2007

This is a pretty cool track. The vocalist is the centerpiece here - they have a clear effortless and pleasant voice. The lyrics I like, Ive heard the message before, but its a good message that should be emphasized more. This song has a good groove and is very listenable.
- jfc103 from Novi, Michigan on 25Dec2006

Captivating. The song is captivating with a really fat groove & vocals. The backround vocals really stand out on this track.
- boomofruckus from New, Jersey on 18Dec2006

this is going nicely, excellent start to a song btw. Nice vocals and lyrics, like enya meets dance meets awesome. great job.
- Neverwills from Johnson City, Tennessee on 4Dec2006

Nice intro - the most beautiful vocal, and produced very well.. The hook is clear, and cathcy. And a very groovy beat! Love it ;-)
- Troelsdk from Denmark on 4Dec2006

Comment by James Oakwood on 04 January 2008
A nicely executed song R. Great production and musically sound. You got such a great classic voice girl.

Choose Now, Written by Rosemarie Ashley, Arranged by Scott Sumner

Comment by deantaylor on 12 August 2007
This song really stuck in my head after just a few listens: the hook, the feel, your great vox, the lyric, the verse. It's a real winner.

Comment by minus13 on 29 July 2007
This is a nice track , a real good vocal, i would put it in a more of a trip-hop/dance kind of vibe, still it's quite mesmori-zing...Nice.1

Comment by DaveRave on 29 July 2007
Bloody hell, one of your best in my opinion. Clear as a bell, crisp, top-class vocals and hooks you to the end. Loving this.

Comment by steve eyre on 26 July 2007
What a bizzare song! which is why i like it..its quite eccentric actually. Some clever little vocal hooks and the guitar shredding took me by suprise. Lots of twists but not too many turns. This reminds me a great deal of fleetwood mac "tango in the night" particular the "family man" song..tis a good un Ro!!

Comment by CarJam on 26 July 2007
Speeding with the top down and the music cranked up! Sounds like something I would enjoy! Thank goodness for radar detectors! haha... Ro, I really liking this tune! Happy feel, good beats, nice changes and your vocal is simply fabulous! Congratulations girl! :) Carol Sue (from our new page)

Comment by paredafoe on 26 July 2007
Nice song Ro, has a nice driving rhythm. Lovely vocals, and as Dean said theres some quality lyrics there. Really nice track, enjoyed that a lot. ONAGER

Comment by deantaylor on 24 July 2007
Ro, I really like this one. This lyric is the bomb. I love it. Some fantastic lines, like: Prepare the hair for overdrive. My destination? No I won’t tell. To introspect is infinite wealth. Surfing stone.

instrumental brea fit song like a kid's face after seeing a world famous circus show-fyi was good added to song. mood to my ears sounds like a progressive rock song with a lt of talent being showed in it. song grade 11 of 11
- songmanmel from Gap, Pennsylvania on 29Jun2007

Good poppy song. I enjoyed a lot. The production is great.....I can picture this song in the billboard charts...I dont know what genre this is....which is a good thing.
- ignachush from Argentina on 26Jun2007

Love Overdrive, Music by Scott Sumner, Lyrics by Rosemarie Ashley

Comment by NaughtyStep on 08 December 2009
Nice, pertinent song - I like where you come from...

Comment by Richard Ramsey - iODiNE on 07 December 2009
Very nice Ro! Really shows your diversity where musical genres bare no weight. Glad I listened to the whole song. Enjoyed this!

Comment by Redshirt Theory on 06 December 2009
Rose, I just love your passion. obviously you voice stands out and takes this song to the next level.

Comment by ANDYF on 06 December 2009
Hey Ro! You have a quality about your vocals which sits you apart from the rest. It has an innocence that would fit a disney tale. Take Care Andy :)

Comment by Storm Horses on 06 December 2009
This is just a "Beautiful" song...the lyrics say it all. Superb production just love those chord changes...and your vocal is stunning!! Rated

Comment by David Joel Carter on 04 December 2009
Wow, beautiful song! Immediately reminded of the Carpenters in the arrangement, production and that stellar vocal, yeah, very reminescent of Karen's soaring pipes. Superb, quite easily rated.

Comment by ericethann on 02 December 2009
Just a beautiful track right out a Disney movie. Paints a picture in my minds eye. Really sends a peaceful and wonderful message of hope! EZ rate B A D L O V E J U N K I E

Comment by TonyMillerLive on 20 November 2009
As skaven says, clarity is great. Vocals are superb. The whole song is extremely polished. Nice to hear you do a ballad, you handle it very well.

Comment by Beluga on 18 November 2009
Special song. REally well done. Love your voice on this one big time! Dan

Feel the Love, Music by Rich Ramsey, Lyrics by Rosemarie Asley

The guitars and drums on this track are very cool! I couldn't decide whether it sounded like Yes from the early years OR later years with Trevor Rabin. Either way, definitely a road less traveled!
Erik Jurado - 20 March 2010

.Very clever work and cool arrangement, the synths used are tastefully done i think there was even a mellotron in there.Quality vocals Rosemarie.Fine track indeed R.
GravitySlip - 11 January 2010

Very soothing that Ro Vox. Tis a work of art. Love those progressions Rich!
Kelly Mitchell - 08 January 2010

Another great piece of wonderful musicalness. You and Rosemarie is like wine and bread. -rl
LODATO - 05 January 2010

Great track. Quality performance on every level!
ericethann - 21 December 2009

Great instrumentation guys topped with a superb vocal. It's a winner!!!
DSSMusic - 20 December 2009

Stunning vocals a little bit "Yes" in parts.....really enjoyed..great drums!! very energetic and uplifting!! R
Storm Horses - 20 December 2009

Feeling love on a grand scale!! Beautiful guys...little bit "experimental" in places but what is experimental except tomorrow's classical sounds?

Encore encore!!
dawnsinclair - 20 December 2009

This has QUALITY written all over it!
Firstly Rosemaries vocal, brilliant performance. The melody is superb, really memorable.
2ndly this has your signature sound all over it Rich. Rocking guitars working away, but really complimenting the track as a whole.
Very pro sounding production also.
Cracking work, and great track!
MarkAlexander - 20 December 2009

No One Said This Would Be Fun,
Music by Dave Meredith, Lyrics by Rosemarie Ashley

Songwriting in the same league as Pet Shop Boys! Production is great - love the lyrics and the vocals - One of the best songs ever posted on MP3U!
MoonTurnedBlue - 27 March 2010

Vocals to die for, production excellent. Someone said Pet Shop Boys - they should be so lucky.

TonyMillerLive - 07 April 2010

what a great 80's epic vibe. Really awesome backing track. You just don't hear that epic 80's done this well anymore! Destri is really good at 80's styles as well. Good vox ro. rated fo sho
Redshirt Theory - 11 April 2010

Superb from begining to end. Absolutely top drawer songwriting!!! The vocals and lyrics are gorgeous!!! The key work is magical!! Production is brilliant!!!Its an all round great track!!!Rated Guys!!!
indiana 99 - 19 March 2010

Very good arrangement with excellent vocals and harmonies as we have come to expect from you. Great collab and enjoyed listening. Easily rated!
DSSMusic - 18 March 2010

Stunning Vocals..and superb lyrics!! just love the angelic harmonies they really work well! an excellent collaberation and production...RRR
Storm Horses - 18 March 2010

I just love the vocal. Love everything about this piece. Polished and powerful. r8ed! -rl
LODATO - 18 March 2010

Morning Light, Music by Rich Ramsey, Lyrics by Rosemarie Ashley

At first listen, the very start of the song bangs out a clear drum sequence that sounds fantastic. Then I hear the serious bold vocals of Ro! Always, that bold sound is so awesome. Just so powerful and full of life yet so stoic sounding. An odd mixture in a vocal. That's where talent comes into play. When chorus is added you can really feel the energy.

I can relate to this song a lot. I've had some hard times in my life and my will to do things amazing is strong. The production is very clear. I'm surprised by this because there is a LOT going on in the song. Lots of energy. Lots of blistering drumming and guitar layouts. Not to mention the explosive power in the lung force. Definitely on my high end recording list of artists. Wonderful job on this, guys. Totally awesome. Like blown away awesome.
Andy Stokes - 05 April 2010

I've always heard the Yes influence in your stuff Rich, weird (in a very fitting way) that Ro has such a Jan Anderson sound as well. Really love this! All buttons!
Kelly Mitchell - 05 April 2010

Rose and rich.....This for me is an interesting track...its more than a song (if that makes sense) It stands the test of time... Yes it may have rock in its genre but its very laid back and structured like a chill out track?.. The lyrics are very good and the songwriting and structure is top class...Vocals are really good here ro, nice melody,classy lines and very well delivered!!!... Production is very tight and neat...Clarity is great and the guitar work is very very good... Its quite the epic track, not easy listening or something with a super catchy hook,a real song (thats a compliment) a song that is made with real ideas and creativity....

Good work all round :-)
Dave Meredith - 01 April 2010

This is a great track, superbly performed and produced with great lyrics and melody. The vocals are outstanding as expected.................
DSSMusic - 31 March 2010

Lovin that bass once again. Rose is such a great singer (and lyricist) and has that classic voice that works so well with you music. The geet is really fine. This is really good. Go figure...:=).

Beluga - 31 March 2010

Quite phenomenal. It smacks of YES which is best compliment I can offer. Ro has such a compelling voice and the melody of the song is instantly captivating. Ant
LIQUID - 31 March 2010

First track of the day,and could'nt have picked a better one.Just luv that chorus,great harmonies...sweeet.Awesome roots are in Rock,but we never got a sound like this:(
Great musicianship guys...enjoyed and rated.
Kiss the Abyss - 31 March 2010

New Paradigm, Music by Dave Meredith, Lyrics by Rosemarie Ashley

Europica said on 14 September 2010
Lots of power and energy in this, coming from all the elements of the song. Vocals, guitars, drums etc. Very dramatic, then the soft outro is a cool touch. Shed loads of passion in the vocals Rosemarie.

ericethann said on 05 September 2010
I agree with Scott. Production level on this is fantastic. Lyrics are deep and thought provoking for sure. Great voice btw. Again the guitar work that runs through this track is amazing. Rated Eric

scott slater said on 04 September 2010
So many well produced songs around here these days and this is no have a great voice...a real grower......found myself really into it by the end.......two listens for me...and i can't say it reminds me of anyone ive heard either. Individual sounding......

indiana 99 said on 02 September 2010
Well Done Dave, Rich, Rose and Scott!!! I thought I rocognised some styles in there!!! Didn't read the artist coms, sorry guys!!!!!! GREAT Track!!!!Love it!!!!!!!

indiana 99 said on 01 September 2010
Very fitting Rose with plenty of attitude from that great voice!! Love the lyrics that are rolled into a great piece of music!! Fantastic production throughout with very talented instrument Guru's from top to toe!!! RATED!!!!!!!! Barry/Baz

NaughtyStep said on 20 August 2010
A good, well produced track and It's good to hear music with a's hard to do without sounding preachy or pushy and this excecutes it well.

LODATO said on 15 August 2010
Very nice song and colab. I love the message. This has a "Yes" trait which is a wonderful element. Can't go wrong with this line up!

Apsis_Lappet said on 09 August 2010
You have a very beautiful and powerful voice, and it fits the song perfectly. The music itself reminds me of old 90's rock at it's finest hour. The song is really well done, very professional, and keeps you listening, not only to the music, but to the amazing and well-sung vocals. Kudos!

Erik Jurado said on 08 August 2010
I just finished one of my tunes and spent a couple of days to get a good, clean sound. Then, I listen to this track and hear how clean and professional it sounds and I am so impressed. I also liked the topic of the lyrics - exactly the subject I have been talking with my daughter about. Nice tune! - Erik

Prisoner of Conscience, Music by Graham Barrow, Lyrics by Rosemarie Ashley

TonyMillerLive said on 27 June 2010
Absolutely mind-blowing orchestration and production. Vocals outstanding. I get the Bjork reference made earlier - definitely a quirky accent which works well with the song. You got me last nom!
Tuxedo Attack said on 25 June 2010
Very haunting, and powerful. Rated.

Richard Ramsey - iODiNE said on 25 June 2010
Brilliant! Everything about this song sits right in the pocket! Fabulous delivery Ro...right on the mark! Minty! Enjoyed this! Rich

ANDYF said on 24 June 2010
I was blown away by your vocal this is just a tremendous song which I will press all the butons this is just sublime. Take Care Andy :0
James Oakwood said on 24 June 2010
I thought it was Bjork on the first few lines doll. Well done on a cool piece of work; great dynamics to this piece and sweetly recorded. Well done and rated

Storm Horses said on 24 June 2010
Beautiful Piano and very well composed..with much light and shadow..ebbing and flowing. A powerful Vocal...sung with much conviction!! and I just love the flute towards the end of this piece. R

ericethann said on 24 June 2010
Passionate, personal, perfection!!! EZ rate Eric B A D L O V E J U N K I E
Dave Meredith said on 24 June 2010
Ro...A very very impressive piece of work...Music is moving and full of passion... Great piano melody... Your vocal recording is superb... You have rolled out the same passion and emotion thats shown in the music...Both sit perfect together and it shows a side of you that i have not heard...Lyrics are class... Great track, great sound... Thank you for sharing rose :-)

LODATO said on 23 June 2010
Your voice is so beautiful and moving and combined with this wonderful song and the lyrics, it's immense! -rl

Greatest Gift, Music by Dave Meredith, Lyrics by Rosemarie Ashley

TonyMillerLive said on 05 December 2010
Production and musicianship are, as I would expect, flawless. Ro, your voice really suits this style better than the 'Jon Anderson' rock style to my jaded ears. Purely personal opinion of course, but me like. Dave, love those up front drums. Spill the beans, what did you use? Thumzup!
ericethann said on 02 December 2010
Ro and Dave Wonderful song here. Very uplifting and well produced. Love the piano as well Vocals stand out on this track. I didn't realize the meaning behind the song until i read the lyrics. Great job Thumbs ALL The Best Eric

Richard Ramsey - iODiNE said on 27 November 2010
Beautiful power pop song you two! Very heart felt lyrics Ro and splendid delivery! Glad I stopped by! Enjoyed this! Rich
Apsis_Lappet said on 13 November 2010
I would like to reintroduce the fact that you're amazing and have a beautiful, angelic voice. Your vocals bring a lot of energy to this song that a lot of people would leave out, making it both an awe-inspiring and haunting song. The lyrics are well made, definitely not just like some people that rhyme cat with hat and such like that. It's a very powerful song, and even though it's a little lengthy, the pace, the vocals and the music behind it keeps the listener interested. You always make very well produced songs with a lot of energy and power behind them, and it's always a joy listening to them. Thanks for the experience! Kudos and Thumbs Up!

Andy Stokes said on 13 November 2010
I like the piano introduction before your voice/ensemble come in. I like your voice a lot and it really stands out here. The production is sounding great. I love the melody with the guitar and it backs up the intensity of everything superbly. The duo vocals are a nice effect and a bit different than what I've heard from you in the past. The lyrics really are something to think about. Lots of unhealthy people out there that don't realize how things really work in the world they don't think about. I've always looked at things with Mind, Body, and Soul. Love is part of the soul and it's an energy that enters us all whether we except it or not. It's always there and people don't realize it. Or some don't want to. When they do it's either wonderful or destructive. I've always seen love as a good thing. I take bad experiences and find good within them. It's a technique I use to heal myself. It causes you to endure what normally wouldn't be possible. This song is a wonderful example of what I'm talking about. Love truly is the greatest gift ... well... love surely does heal, lets just leave it at that! lol Walking away from the soul of the song... I think everything in this song displays and backs up what messages you're telling. It's an intense song. A reputation that you have held in my eyes: The ability to be intense and sound good doing it. Congrats with to the roster who aided you. Lots of good names. The production quality... I would describe it as very vibrant and intense. Blissfully dark but bright at the same time. The snare gets you pumped, the guitar yells at you and the vocals discipline the ears and remind them to tell your brain what's going on. Another awesome track! Arranged and mixed near perfectly and sounds great. Love it! Have a great day!

James Oakwood said on 12 November 2010
Splendid hard-hitting song Ro and Dave. I'm sure scott had a big hand in bigging this up too. Getting rid of all the shackles of "everything else" is, I guess, what the lyric tells me. Thumzup.

Dan Michaelson said on 09 November 2010
Really enjoyed this song from two of the more talented artists on the site. I never get tired of your voice Ro and Dave, your music always amazes. Thanks for the DL.....
LODATO said on 08 November 2010
Ro and Dave, what can I say.. This is absolutely beautiful! Ro, you know how much I love you voice and blended with Dave massive musical talents, it's just a powerhouse of a song. It really moves me. The lyrics are so special. This is just wonderful stuff. Thank you.

Until My Dreams Come True, Music by Rich (IOD!NE) Ramsey

Dave Meredith said: 7 September 2010 05:59
As normal, production is spot on.. A very different style of song.. Not quite the nomal verse to chorus change that comes with most songs... The drums have a great feel but i find at times there are to many breaks, but this maybe because of the style of music?.. Guitars are great!!! loads of energy and passion from the guitar... Ro's vox are an interesting blend in this.. I like them being less high end.. Some nice style and melody lines... Nice use of subtle backing vocals...Lead vocal is very neat and tidy and has cool dynamics... Its good to hear artists stick to their own ideas, not fall into the mainstream track, keeping it as they want it... This song shows that.. It gives it an original feel and sound.. Well done Ro,Rich and Scott (master)...

ericethann said: 5 September 2010 10:48
Very nice vibe indeed. Top production. What can I say about you guitar skill that I haven't said before. Just fantastic full of emotion. Lyrics and the deliver of them also tops! Really enjoyed rate for sure. Eric

Superhuman said: 5 September 2010 10:36
Real original sound, kind of an 80's vibe coming through on those synths but the production is from today. love those synths and Rich's rhythm guitars sound nice and meaty. Love the melodies, structure and riffs - really well crafted piece of music. Ro's vocals as always shine right through, everything fits really well and is so complimentary. Lyrics as always add a real social commentary which is theme signature of your collabs. Ah yes, the instrumental break:-) Love those harmonised guitars and there are some nice unusual arpeggiated runs and wickedly difficult sounding skipping patterns. Love it, rated and recommended to anyone with ears!
scott slater said: 4 September 2010 20:08
Spikey and quirky song. never thought i'd here the lyrics 'temporal lobe' in a song hehe, not sure where it is but i like the sound of it.....a good listen.....cheers....

dawnsinclair said: 4 September 2010 16:09
Don't know what I expected but not this....lovely surprise...usual excellent quality of music and some smart lyrics sung with quirky attitude~~works for me!!
Kelly Mitchell said: 4 September 2010 08:30
Production, composition and performances top notch as always w/U2! Gets my vote! Good to see you guys getting active again!

We the People, Music by Rich (IOD!NE) Ramsey, Lyrics by Rosemarie Ashley

James Oakwood said: 1 January 2011 08:28
I too liked the intro and the guitars sound really great coming in when they do you pair o rockers. Great vocal sound with Ro as i would totally expect. Some nice edgy guitar riffage comes in places as the track develops - y'kno stuff off the scale of the music - me like this!! Good production from Scott(?). Thumzup you guys.

Dave Meredith said: 25 December 2010 05:57
Hello... Nice start to the track..Guitar melody is dark and rich with melody.. The alt drum track is sweet.  Rose has performed a solid vocal here, and found a melody that could not have been easy to find as the music does not scream out with a vocal melody in mind.. well done there!.. It shows an understanding of singer and musician. Mastering is spot on as i would expect, its i knew clarity and sharpness would be top draw,it is.. Some nice cool effects to the vocals (delays).. A track with alot of depth and ideas... strong lyrical content.. Guitar work is very good.. Nothing to in your face,nice little melodie leads, riffs, when needed and solo's ...all in the right places to my ears... Thanks for sharing Dave

LODATO said: 24 December 2010 12:30
When you two get together on a project, magic happen every time!

A Brighter Day said: 23 December 2010 18:17
I Love It, this is a real treat for the ears! Great Song. Thumbzzzzzzzz Up!

Superhuman said: 7 August 2011 18:48
Amazing orchestration, beautiful strings with lovely guitars and Roe's vocals sit perfectly. Production is excellent, love that drum sound. Nice one Rich and Ro.

TR_Blunt said: 31 March 2011 21:26
wow, this is great. Your bio gave me a BIG smile...and there is alot of power in you and your music.

Wait for Stars said: 18 February 2011 14:14
This is really cool. Love the tone of guitars. Great vocals. Good job. Thumbs up. Wait for Stars