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CD Album:  From Primal to Divine
  • CD Album:  From Primal to Divine
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The songs in “From Primal to Divine” express struggles and joys encountered on a journey of personal growth and awareness, toward enlightenment. They are a source of comfort and springboard for productive action by presenting real life situations and the honest emotions felt by every day people.  Instead of hiding these feelings, actively experiencing and resolving them leads to a life of continuous growth.

"From Primal to Divine" is a collection of 17 life changing songs in a variety of styles for the true music lover.

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Empowering Music


'tude Vox Ro is an outspoken artist making music designed to help everyone succeed. She combines compelling music with thought provoking lyrics in an eclectic mix of life-changing songs. Ro’s edgy brand of empowering songs motivates and inspires listeners to activate potential within the soul.  She creates songs about the human experience, uplifting listeners by including messages of universal truth.  Ro celebrates who we are today and where we are going by helping listeners program themselves for joy, abundance and passionate living.


The sassy alternative is about creating a catalogue of music that doesn't fit neatly into any one particular format or follow politically correct scripts.  These songs range from classical piano ballads to hip hop/rap, adult contemporary to progressive rock.  Topics include sexuality, economic crisis, social activism, mental enslavement,  world peace, personal transformation and visionary ideals. 

Sassy Alternative Music addresses real emotions with lyrics that relate to hard times, as well as peaceful bliss. "There is a time for every purpose under Heaven", even those uncomfortable moments. But instead of enforcing these difficulties, the Sassy Alternative offers food for personal growth spiritual transformation.


Gen-Ray Records produces a new genre of music, designed to empower and uplift listeners with messages of universal truth embeded in a wide variety of contemporary music genres.  Our mission is to affect the intentional selection of entertainment as a tool for personal growth and global transformation.

From the beginning of time, humans have made music to express themselves and share emotions. Mass distribution of entertainment has been governed by those with the greatest economic resources, using it as a tool to shape thought, affect discussions, influence feelings and incite action.  As we hop-scotch through the early 21st Century, this generation begs the courtship of science and religion, marriage of mind, body and soul and divorce from the victim consciousness holding humanity in slavery throughout history.


At the bottom of every page is the site-wide music player with play list . Navigate the controls to select songs.  Get FREE full-length streaming of all songs, read the lyrics and buy individual downloads op the Free Streaming page.


Music is a powerful tool to change your world.  Impact of the message is multiplied exponentially when you add visual stimulation and written world.  See, hear and feel the power by watching  our music videos on the MusicVideos page.

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A little something for everyone' best describes the "From Primal To Divine" CD. An eclectic mix of styles that run the gamut from the ethereal grooving "Heaven on Earth" the edgy rock/grunge rap of "Until the Bliss" to the techno pop of "Make it Through". Rosemarie's vocals range from soothing to soaring rock, reminiscent of Evanescence with the depth of Anne Wilson of the band "Heart". Sweet vocal harmonies are supported alternately by lush and powerful guitar, thick layered tracks and a cool range of beats. This project is full of surprises, moving the listener through every emotion. Spiritually based, empowering social/political lyrics compel the listener to take responsibility for their own participation in creating a better world for all. Sassy spirituality with attitude!

Written by Karie Hillery "One World Records"
Courtesy of Positive Music Association

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Out of Darkness

Out of Darkness

'tude Vox Ro

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In every human life, there are times of joy as well as times of grief, celebration as well as solemn contemplation. Loss of health, relationships, loved ones and economic status can lead us to introspection and spiritual growth. "Out of Darkness" guides the listener through periods of grief, surrender, recovery into celebration in a variety of Adult Contemporary styles.

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