Following a Passion

Ro has always loved to sing music that means something to her.  "Join a church choir!" her friends suggested. "I'm not going to join a church just for the choir!" asserted Ro as she watched for the steps of her music career  to appear.

In 1997, Ro was looking in the newspaper classified ads when "Jesus Christ Superstar Auditions" at with the Grosse Pointe Theatre jumped off the page. She wanted to play Mary of Magdalene since she saw the movie . . . decades earlier. Auditions were 3 days away and Rosemarie showed up with many years of practice.  When the phone rang with the stage manager on the other end, her heart stopped beating. "Would you like to be in the chorus?" "Chorus!?! . . . ah ... ok". Apparently, the director saw a 19 year old, blond hair, blue eyed teen-ager better suited for his version of "Superstar". After Rosemarie swept away the shattered pieces of her ego, she had a great time on stage and received many compliments for her talent and pizzazz.

At the final cast party, "Are you going to be in the next community theatre show?" was the question of the night. With a commissioned sales job (working day and night), there was little time left for a hobby. Rosemarie thought about why she was willing to take the time for “Jesus Christ Superstar” and not any old boring musical. Well, the music is fun but there was something more. It was the same something Ro felt when she was in “Godspel” her junior year of high school.  "Ah ha!"  Cool music with spiritual meaning was the key!

So Ro went hunting to find cool music with a spiritual message.   There was no local group Rosemarie could join to participate in improving the world through song so she realized she had to do it herself.  Since Ro never learned how to play an instrument, she never thought she could compose a song or even write lyrics, she knew collaboration was the key.  Rosemarie heard a repeating message in her mind that said “Put an ad in the Phenomenews”.  A couple years later, she did. “Spiritually minded people to write, compose, perform and record musicals that contribute to the consciousness evolution of mankind”.   Great idea!” everyone said.  During one meeting, a conversation about lyrical content arose.  Rosemarie intended spiritual, but not religious messages and one member asked "What do you think about using the word God?".  "I'd use it sparingly, if at all" was Ro's reply.  She wanted to make music that was inclusive of everyone; not just those who believe in "God".  The next morning, Rosemarie woke up with a line in her mind that repeated until she wrote it down.  The rest of the song "Heaven On Earth" came out within 45 minutes.  Months later, the melody came out.   The song evolved from there. The group dissolved soon after.

Music is for fun. Music is a prayer. Music can change the mood and lift the spirit. Life is for living. Free will is to use freely to bring about one’s desires. But we all get stuck in the daily grind of doing what someone else thought we should. So where do we start to make the change? Within each one of us is Divinity. Divinity is creativity in action. We create our life circumstances whether we do it consciously or not. 'tude Vox Ro is using this philosophy and way of life to create her own dream.

As most often happens, as soon as Ro began actively recording music and living her dream, she met other people, committed to co-creating a better world.  The list below is a small sample of some of the diverse and growing movement of hearts and minds coming together for the good of all.

Transformation Network

  Self Improvement from is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

The Positive Imperative
is a legacy concept to educate people around the world on the distinctions of Positives, Negatives and especially the Neutrals and once achieved, challenge people to take on the responsibility to “BE THE positive CHANGE” at all levels and with all things.

My Daily Encouragement
(  Encouragement is something you need every day to achieve your full ppostntial and be your authentic self.   Get even more encouragement by clicking here.

Bridging Heaven & Earth
( an international spiritual talk show, produced by The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation, focuses on opening the heart; bridging the spiritual and the physical, the human and the divine, heaven and earth within each one and the Oneness in all Life. 

Detropolis Music ( is a networking organization for musicians and passionate listeners throughout the metro-Detroit area.  This association recognizes that everyone benefits by cooperative verses competitive ventures.   

Spirit Weavers ( - Spirit Weavers is a church of self-knowledge, personal responsibility, deep friendship, tribal intimacy, alignment with the natural world, immanent divinity, positive sexuality, appreciation of the diverse nature of humanity... and fun! Our Vision is to create a community in which to build, maintain, and enhance a fusion of belief systems that empowers individuals and provides support for growth and self-development. 

World Unity - Hopes and dreams are transended into a reality in the embrace of our Mothers...
Mother God & Mother of God Healing the center of the Universe... The heart... & 

 The Positive Music Association  - (PMA) is about enlightening the world through music. We’re about awakening people to their own brilliance and potential. We’re the musical expression of the shift that’s happening on the planet now.

Alan Zundel offers guidance into the inner awakening known by different names in different spiritual traditions on his website The HeartAwake Center.

When things have spiraled down long enough and far enough, people often feel helpless and powerless. They need the extra help only a caring and experienced spell caster can bring.  Reverend Pamela M. Joy is here to help you bring about positive, constructive changes in your life.

The Quickening Chronicles: The Virtual Sacred Circle Project - A Sacred Circle to Bring About the Quickening of a New Reality of Oneness

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